Physically destroy a computer hard disk

Learn how to physically destory your hard disk

Maybe your hard disk has stopped working and you think that nobody will recover your confidential data from it, but this is far from reality, specialist recovery companies are experts are replacing small electronic components of a hard disk and they may make it work again.

Or maybe you are simply paranoid and want to make sure that your hard disk is physically destroyed after securely wiping it. There is nothing wrong with being paranoid, if your data is valuable, you should take extra care.

Most of the hard drive wiping software will not overwrite the hard disk bad sectors.

Hard disk bad sectors are small anomalies contained on the hard drive, marked as "non working" by your operating system and not used, although the hard disk sectors are very small in size, it could be enough to contain a credit card number or password.

Methods to physically destoy a hard disk

Destroy your hard drive physically

Business solutions for wiping data

Safely dispose of your hard disk

Destroying piles of computer hard drives

If you need to destroy hard disks weekly by the dozens there are expensive hardware business solutions that will do this and comply with Government standards that cover you from legal liabilites.

Degausser: A degausser is a machine that and intense magnetic field, it uses a ginormous magnet to destroy data. Hard drive degaussers alters the magnetic charge on a hard drive, which not only eliminates the data on the drive, but also erases the factory pre-recorded servo tracks, thus rendering the hard drive unusable.

Hard Disk Crusher: The hard disk crusher drills through the hard disk's spindles and physically creates ripples in the platters.

Hard disk platters melting poing

Hard disk platters are generally made from aluminium, which melts at 660.32°C (1220.58 °F)

- Wikipedia

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